Multi-cloud backup, yes please

This is a post I have been wanting to make for some time, but I was waiting until the time was right. You see as much as I respect AWS, it really would not be a blog about multi-cloud backup unless we had more guests at the party. As of the writing of this blog on October 12th, 2022 Nutanix and Azure just went GA with NC2 on Azure. So now the party can commence. You can read the press release here.

The Nutanix Multi-Cloud with NC2 for AWS and Azure

What does this mean for BCDR? Well, it means from your private cloud Nutanix, you can then back up to NC2 on Azure and AWS. You can still also back up to another private cloud at a colo facility. The reason this really matters is you can choose the region you want to back up to in Azure or AWS, giving you the ability to spread these out across the country. Then if a natural disaster or even just a power outage hits your main data center on one coast you spin up the VMs you need to keep the business running on the other coast or in the middle of the country.

The beauty of this is, with other components of our software you could then use Flow Networking to build your VPCs between your Public and Private clouds. You can build out your Flow Security categories to mirror each other on both sides making sure your East-West traffic is monitored and secure. We already have an amazing layout of how this would work with our Disaster Recovery to Nutanix Cloud Clusters on AWS Design. This will be very similar to the design that will be released for NC2 on Azure. highly suggest anyone looking to change to a simpler IT strategy take a look at our Validated Designs.

Private Cloud to AWS logical design

The value this will bring to any business is tremendous. Since you are able to hibernate nodes you do not need in AWS and Azure, that means you are no longer spending money on resources that are not in use. Once you do need those resources for a BCDR scenario, you spin them up and move what you need where you need it and once your private cloud is back up and running you move back and then hibernate the nodes again.

What does this mean for technology as we know it? As a Nutanix employee, I am extremely excited about this. It means we have a very solid design to help customers with their multi-cloud strategy. It also means we can help organizations save on cloud spending. From the perspective of a former IT/IS employee, it means that you no longer need to limit yourself to maintaining a second set of hardware, somewhere in a colo facility for DR. This also means you can have multiple points of redundancy for your most critical applications and data without having to refactor the VMs or how things are written. This is also just another way we at Nutanix are helping our customers break down the silo between the Infrastructure team and the Cloud team. This will allow them to work more in conjunction to keep innovating the company forward. This is what I wanted and needed in 2017.

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