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  • The BC/DR Dilemma

    Business continuity and disaster recovery, these four words can make or break the sanity of any server or virtualization professional. I personally would have rather stared into the face of Cthulhu and lost all of my remaining sanity (at one time there wasn’t much left either) than trying to navigate these waters. There was always […]

  • Changing the Traditional Mindset

    One of the things I always talk about and enjoy talking about is how just changing the IT/IS mindset is beneficial for everyone involved. As I mentioned in Infrastructure: the Past, Present, and Future (part 1), I like many of you was very happy with my life running virtualization on three-tier architecture. Now sure happy is […]

  • Infrastructure: the Past, Present, and Future (part 3)

    The Future When we left off I was told by my director that unless those of us involved on the infrastructure side of the house moved towards automation and the cloud, we were out of a job within a few years at most. You can imagine what this did to the morale of the team […]

  • Infrastructure: the Past, Present, and Future (part 1)

    The Past IT infrastructure has come a long way and that’s just in the 25 years I have been in the industry. I still remember my father’s stories about working on mainframes that took up a whole room and tape reels that were rather large and took two people to change. Now if a data […]